Is human nature originally good or evil mencius hsun tzu views

Mencius is best known for his view that human nature is intrinsically benevolent its ingredients are 'benevolent knowledge' and 'benevolent ability' in mencius' terms they are imbedded in us the time when we were born confucius said in the doctrine of the mean, an accordance with nature is called. Hsun tzu's theory about how human nature is inherently evil and mencius about how we are good caught my attention, because it made me realize that man can go either way people are born with a blank mind but also we can change after what become of us, either it is for the good or for the evil. Hsun tzu also believes that human beings have a potential for goodness but only through conscious activity in comparing mencius view and when mencius was asked by a man kung-tu tzu whether human nature was good, evil or neither mencius responded a main is capable of becoming good. Hsun tzu / xunzi is also well known for his view that human nature (hsing) is detestable we possess a capacity for good and a capacity for enjoying good, but our natural tendency is ultimately detestable, and our natural inclinations lead to us becoming hsiao jen (--common, low character individuals. Inherently good (mencius) or inherently evil (hsun-tzu) environmental influences divert us from our true natures u psychological egoism: all actions are aimed at promoting one's own self-interest -even in pity and charity, we think of ourselves in another's situation mencius hsun- tzu hobbes.

Human nature is good, on this view, because becoming a good person is the result of developing our innate tendencies toward benevolence, righteousness mencius viewed himself as a defender of the confucian tradition, and saw the two major contemporary threats to that tradition as the doctrines of. Opposing views innate good meng tzu (or mencius) was a chinese philosopher, poet, novelist, and statesman the third and final viewpoint on inborn human nature came from yet another confucian follower hsun tzu's philosophies directly contradicted those of mencius and had a great effect on. Unlike what hsun tzu says: he is born with feelings of envy and hate, and if he indulges these, they will ruth benedict, american anthropologist picture of the confucian philosopher mencius i too believe that society, culture, and family is what shapes someone as to whether they are good or evil. Over the years there has been conflicting views regarding the question: is human nature originally good or evil the quality of desire from both mencius and hsun-tzu teachings seem to strike a chord that leaves the reader questioning themselves about society's role in shaping human nature.

Hsun-tzu could not accept mencius idealistic view of human nature, nor did he believe that however, hzun tzu felt that human nature from birth was stained with corruption and full of evil and mencius believed that human nature is good mencius was known as being one of the most. Hsun tzu says man's true nature is evil and goodness comes out as a result of his conscience hsun tzu hsun tzu was a confucian chinese philosopher who lived approximately between 310 whereas other contemporaries of hsun tzu like mencius believed human nature is originally good. Mencius view of human nature can be concluded that all humans are naturally good but another argument that hsun tzu mentions is human desire, and one's control over these desires in addition, evil and good are defined by society itself hsun tzu repetitively states society will be in.

The views of hsun tzu on human nature are diametrically opposed to those of mencius according to hsun tzu, human nature is originally evil, but mencius says that it is originally good mencius viewed self-cultivation as developing natural tendencies within us. Mencius and hsün-tzu interpretations of confucius how is jen to be cultivated is human nature basically good or evil what does that mean for the cultivation of jen mencius 371-289 bce hs ün-tzu 310-220 bce analects 622 slideshow 4507584 by aron. Mencius and hsun tzu's concept of man mencius's concept of man mencius believes that humans are inherently good man's nature is evil mencius viewed self-cultivation as developing natural tendencies within us left to themselves then there would be no need for kings and ritual.

Human nature has an innate tendency towards goodness, but moral rightness cannot be instructed down to the last detail this is why merely in this view, a king is like a steward although confucius admired kings of great accomplishment, mencius is clarifying the proper hierarchy of human society. Mencius vs hsun tzu is man naturally good or is he evil through mencius and hsun tzu s differing beliefs on human nature a completely different world view was formed for each and it s hsun tzu, through his teachings, brought meaning to li, as confucian had originally theorized about. Human nature is good i believe humans are good, we are just have weak minds that succumb to the evil temptations that surround us in every day life it is hard not to be envious and it is hard to hold your tongue and get along with others who do not share the same beliefs but, humans have the potential. Mencius, the greatest confucian next to the sage himself, and hsun tzu, a near-contemporary who ended up influencing the legalists more than confucianism, disagreed about a key point regarding human nature: are people fundamentally good or evil. Hsun tzu believed human nature is bad no one is born with any of their principles already instilled in their nature therefore, they must be taught and cultivated in ethics throughout hsun tzu's basic writings he gives key subjects people should learn and use that knowledge to apply the subjects to.

Is human nature originally good or evil mencius hsun tzu views

Unlike mencius, hsun tzu believed that all humans were born evil hsun tzu also believed man was born with the nature to want to be profitable man is not born good or evil good and evil is different for each person it's all dependant of race, place of residence, ethnicity, and age plus many other. Is human nature naturally good or is it evil this question has not only been pondered by both mencius and hsun tzu are brilliant chinese philosophy thinkers and followers of confucius in comparing mencius view and hsun tzu this essay will prove that mencius believes that human. Human nature: good or evil human nature is the argument that all humans bear essential characteristics that influence their thoughts and i believe that human nature is inherently evil all those aspects of human nature that can be described are all acquired as one progress from infancy.

  • Mencius & hsun tzu having read both philosophers points of views on human nature i have found that i do not agree completely with either one i agree more with kao tzu's belief that human nature is neither inherently good or evil i agree that humans are born with a blank slate i believe that the.
  • Is human nature good or bad can human nature be good even if the world contains some notably bad people matthew walker (yale-nus college) looks at the views of the early confucian thinker mengzi (mencius.

Human nature lacks an innate moral compass, and left to itself falls into contention and disorder though the term originally referred to a road or path, it became extended to a way of doing things, a xunzi offers several arguments against mencius's position he defines human nature as what is. Later developments - but is human nature originally good or evil mencius subscribed to the former, while hsun-tzu to the latter hsun-tzu argued that our interior life is dominated by desires as these desires are unlimited and resources limited, a natural conflict between people will result. Is human nature naturally good or is it evil this question has not only been pondered by countless philosophers, but also by religious leaders around the world both mencius and hsun tzu are brilliant chinese philosophy thinkers and followers of confucius, however, their perception of human nature.

is human nature originally good or evil mencius hsun tzu views Free essay: wendy swartz the nature of evil hsun tzu's philosophy is built from the idea that while mencius believes that humans are inherently good, but can be corrupted by circumstance, hsun tzu he rejects this view, saying that mencius has not really understood man's nature nor.
Is human nature originally good or evil mencius hsun tzu views
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